Everyone I’ve asked remembers having had the nightmare where you wake up in a sweaty panic that you forgot about an important test, or discovered during finals week that you were signed up for a class you’d never attended.
From what I hear, it’s your subconscious worrying about being unprepared.  I’d stopped having those dreams once I graduated from law school.  Then I started giving speeches and they started up again, although with the presenter’s variation – instead of a test, it was a speech.
I was waiting to speak in the wrong hotel.  Or I was on a plane heading to the wrong city.  Or I was dressed in walking shorts and the audience wore suits.  It was driving me crazy.  
Finally, I just put all the information I needed on one simple fill-in-the-blanks document, A Speaking Engagement Agreement form, to ensure I had all the necessary information to show up in the right place, at the right time, in the right clothing, talking about the right thing.
It’s a pretty handy form, click HERE to download it.  
Feel free to use it if it helps, but please keep the copyright information on it.

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