A former litigator and marketing partner, Ross speaks credibly to legal and accounting audiences.

Ross Fishman speaking at LCA 3

Ross Fishman speaking on Ethics and Social Media

In sessions ranging from one hour to a full day, he provides a practical, hands-on approach, ensuring that your firm’s marketing is productive and effective, and that your lawyers will have clients when they need them.

All of these interactive programs are educational yet entertaining.

Ross designs the material to thoroughly support the efforts of a firm’s in-house marketing and administrative professionals.  Ross also emphasizes the applicable Ethics rules relating to communications, solicitation, advertising, and promotions, and most of these programs can qualify for CLE Ethics credit.

All law firm marketing presentations are individually tailored to each firm’s unique needs, and may include one-on-one or small-group follow-up as necessary.

Today’s Hottest Topics

  • Telling Your Story Online: How to improve your Google results when prospects are looking for you.
  • The Future of the Legal ProfessionTechnology, the recession, and buying habits have caused tremendous change. How can law firms adapt and thrive?
  • LinkedIn for Lawyers: The basics that all lawyers need to know about using LinkedIn effectively.
  • Writing a Persuasive LinkedIn Profile: Most prospects will read your profile. Here’s how to make it rock.
  • Associate Marketing Training. Help them build an effective long-term platform. Includes Ross’s checklist book, see https://goo.gl/rxWSfH).
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Law. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4S6u1Zn9mg)
  • Marketing and business-development best practices. The post-recession market has changed. Here’s how.
  • Owning your market in four months. Target, focus, leadership.
  • Go From “Zero” to “Guru” in Three Months. Stop floundering around. Dominate something already.
  • Legal Marketing and Business Development:  Three Tips About Everything.
  • 50 Marketing Ideas in 50 Minutes. A fun, fast-paced hour, with every attendee guaranteed to receive dozens of practical takeaways.
  • Social Media for Lawyers: How LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other online tools fit together.
  • Substance Abuse Issues. It’s one of the hottest topics in CLE.

CLE and Ethics

  • Ethics Update: An overview of the latest, most timely cases and issues. 
  • Legal Marketing and Ethics:  Three Tips About Everything.
  • Ethics and Social Media: Navigating the rough ethical waters of online communications.
  • Substance Abuse Issues. It’s one of the hottest topics in CLE.
  • “From Hammers to Hand Grenades” – Creative marketing and legal ethics.
  • Focused Marketing: An efficient, ethical approach to business development.
  • Topless Marketing: An entertaining 300-year history of lawyer marketing and ethics.


  • Networking 101 for Lawyers. 101 important, practical tips in 90 minutes.
  • Ethical Networking. How to Work a Room and Live to Profit From it.
  • No Network? No Clients. A practical networking overview, that takes away the pain and stigma.
  • Net/Working a Room, with Live Practice.

Associate Training

Strategy, Differentiation and Branding

  • Niche / Industry Marketing: An Efficient, Practical, Effective Process. Our most-popular program.
  • Developing a Killer Strategy. “We’re Different! So Why Doesn’t Anyone Know It?” See Ross’s popular Strategy and Branding book at https://goo.gl/Vwf8Wn.
  • Jumping on the Differentiation Brandwagon – Positioning Your Firm, Practice, or Office. See Ross’s book, “We’re Smart. We’re Old. And We’re the Best at Everything” at https://goo.gl/Vwf8Wn.

Cross Selling

  • Secrets of Successful Cross-Selling.  It Can Work.  But it ain’t easy.
  • Key-Client Program.  Retaining Your Top Clients.

Public Relations and Advertising

  • Get Exposed by the Media, And Benefit From It – Using Public Relations to Ethically Build Your Firm.”
  • PR for Personal Injury Firms. It can be PI firms’ most-powerful tool.
  • How to Create Powerful, Ethical Advertising (Without Skylines, Gavels, Globes, or Columns…).
  • PR for Lawyers. A Public Relations overview re how to regularly interest the media in your stories.
  • PR for Litigators. “We won a big case, but the client won’t let us talk about it!”

Client-Oriented Programs

  • “He Said What?” – A Candid, Interactive Client Roundtable.
  • “Worst-Case Scenario” – This is Not Your Typical Legal Seminar.

Creativity and Innovation

  • Selling Ideas and Innovation to Lawyers.
  • Outside-the-Box Marketing Ideas.
  • Developing your Personal Brand

Marketing Plans

  • Developing an Effective Individual Marketing Plan.
  • “No one’s leaving ’til it’s done!” Writing an Associate Marketing Plan.

Client Service and Retention

  • “I’ll never hire them again!” – Client Service and Site Visits.
  • Secrets of Client Retention and Maximizing Profits.
  • Disney’s Secret to Customer Service. How law firms can use the same powerful techniques.

Specific Types of Firms

How to market:
  • An International Law Firm Network.
  • An Insurance Practice.
  • A Divorce Practice.
  • A Litigation Practice.

Specialty Programs

  • Recruiting is Just Marketing – To a Different Audience.
  • “If you give a mouse a cookie…”  Compensation Issues for Law Firms.
  • “What a 2,500-Year-Old Chinese General Can Teach You About Marketing – The Art of War for Lawyers.”
  • “Oh, those darn kids!”  Generational Issues in Law Firms.
  • How to Organize a Great Firm Retreat.