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Ross Fishman Speaker Reviews and Testimonials:

Below are just some of the audience reviews for Ross Fishman’s keynote and other presentations regarding law firm marketing, Ethics, CLE, LinkedIn for Lawyers, website trends, social media trends, and more at firm and partner retreats, associate training programs, and international law firm networks:

Substantive and entertaining…  the highest ratings ever!
Andrea Hodges, Director of Marketing, Alschuler Grossman

Rave reviews … Extraordinary ability to connect with attorneys… a “perfect 10.”
Janis Nordstrom, Chief Marketing Officer, Akerman

The highlight of our retreat… entertaining, with solid, practical advice.
Dick Walleshauser, Marketing Director, Chamberlain Hrdlicka, Atlanta

Great 2

The best presentation I’ve ever seen. Funny, insightful, brutally honest.
Mark Beese, Chief Marketing Officer, Holland & Hart, Denver

Hire Ross Fishman for your training.  If you’re not entirely satisfied, send me the bill.
Bill Flannery, The WJF Institute

The best of the best lawyers left eager to start.
Nora Yardley, Marketing Director, Balch & Bingham, Birmingham

Ross covered in four hours what it took me 40 years to learn.
Gordon Pugh Sr., Breazeale Sachse & Wilson, Baton Rouge

Amazingly positive comments from tough litigators.
Sandra Avolese, Marketing Director, McInnes Cooper, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Great 1

The best and most useful presentation of the 3-day conference.
Amy Smith-Pike, Marketing Director, ThompsonMcMullan, Richmond, VA

Ross did the impossible!  Motivated the partners to be focused and proactive.
Dick Horwood, Managing Partner, Horwood Marcus & Berk, Chicago

Inspiring.  The best program of the three-day conference.
Ève Laurier, Conseillère, Marketing et développement des affaires, RSM Richter CPAs, Montreal

Practical.  Scalable. Makes complex concepts simple and executable.
Howard Berlin, managing shareholder, Kluger Peretz, Miami

Amazing. Turned skeptics into believers. Elicited great buy in.
Pamela McCarthy, Marketing Director, Klehr Harrison, Philadelphia

A “Eureka” experience.
Michael S. Meisel, Marketing Partner, Cole Schotz, New York

Great 5

Dynamic and energetic. Valuable, insightful information. A lasting impression.
George J. Harnett, Managing Partner, White and Williams, Philadelphia

An event horizon. A change of attitude. The enthusiasm to get started.
Keith Bolte, Executive Director, Kronick Moskovitz, Sacramento

Entertaining and enlightening.  Simply outstanding.
Lisa K. Jannsen, Wisconsin Association of Accounting Marketing

Common-sense approach. Helped the lawyers achieve their goalsOutstanding.
Joy Long, Marketing Manager, Ross & Hardies

Having trouble selling your ideas?  Bring in Ross and they’ll be sold….
Kristen Shepley, Marketing Manager, Tofias CPAs, Cambridge, MA

After a series of uninspiring speakers we announced Ross, receiving sighing and eye-rolling.  In minutes, 120 international lawyers were energized and engaged.  Entertaining and thought-provoking… Standing-room only.
Lindsay Griffiths, Director of Network Development, International Lawyers Network, New York

Dynamic.   We can now move from discussion to action.
Michelle Smith, Director of Recruitment, Miller Johnson, Grand Rapids

Great 4

Unique solutions practical and driving results… Humor, creativity and real life stories.
Tanna Moore, President and CEO, Meritas

Ross dispelled years of ineffective marketing precedent.
R. Patrick Saul, Managing Partner, Alexander Holburn, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Practical and motivating.   Skeptical partners were glad Ross ran the show.
Cliff Goldstein, managing partner, Chartwell Law Offices, Philadelphia

The most rewarding part of our conference … a huge success.
Branville McCartney, managing partner, Halsbury Chambers, Nassau, Bahamas

Excellent presentation… Superb substance.
Trey Crawford, attorney, Beirne, Maynard & Parsons, Dallas

Great 3

Wow!  Great presentation… Pure genius… We were blown away.
Gina Garapolo, Office Manager, Stahl Cowen, Chicago

Smart, funny, a great presenter Practical and focused on results… firms can track success straight to the bottom line.
Lance Godard, 2010 Program Chair, LMA Ohio, The Godard Group, Cleveland

Superb. Creative, funny, and thought-provoking.

Paul Phillips, Managing Partner, Holland & Hart, Denver

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