Q. Why create a Law Firm Speakers Bureau?

1. There wasn’t an online resource for pre-qualified, legal industry-vetted speakers.

We see regularly requests on listservs and elsewhere seeking recommendations for speakers on specific topics. Over the years, we have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch many outstanding speakers on stage, in action. Many conference organizers don’t have that luxury, so we wanted to offer our observations and experience. Many people who are well known and/or have great substance, aren’t great speakers.

There’s no way to really know who’s a powerful presenter until you have seen them in front of an audience. When you put your reputation on the line by hiring a speaker for your firm, that person should make you look great.ALA-Chicago-Speaker-Evaluation-AWESOME

2. Mediocre speakers can damage a program and the reputation of the organizer.

When you take lawyers away from the office or their families for a program, it better be great. When the audience is sitting through a presentation by a bad speaker, every single person knows who hired him. Not too long ago, the CMO was standing in the back of the ballroom at her firm’s partner retreat watching a train-wreck of a presentation. Partners were glaring at her and texting furious complaints to the managing partner. Apparently she’d received glowing reviews from the speaker’s references. A few days later, she learned that the speaker’s cited law firm references were his very good friends who were being a tad optimistic. Jeez.

3. MCLE and Ethics programs can be kind of . . . dull.

Many are taught by lawyers who are outstanding practitioners but aren’t necessarily great trainers. We provide access to CLE and Ethics speakers who we feel are both substantive and entertaining, which audiences really appreciate.  CLE and Ethics presentations should be fascinating – don’t settle for the speaker who comes free with your insurance policy.  If your reputation is on the line, hire someone who knows the material and also knows how to steal the show.Great  3

4. It’s a full-service conference resource.

Lawyers are tough, discerning audiences. We’ve collected some other similarly vetted resources, like cocktail party singers, musicians, comedians, magicians, hypnotists, and photographers — people we’ve seen work well with, or in front of, a lawyer audience.

5. You’ll find significant discounts.

Throughout the site you’ll find opportunities for significant discounts on terrific speakers, outstanding conference and firm retreat venues nationwide, and other valuable resources.

6. All the speakers are individually pre-screened.

Either we must have seen you regularly in action, or you must come outrageously well recommended by people whose expert opinions we trust. For example, we have received recommendations from leaders within the Legal Marketing Association and Association of Legal Administrators, who identified many of their groups’ highest-rated speakers in narrow specialty areas.Great 2

7. We’re trying to provide a helpful resource.

There’s no guarantee that any particular speaker will be the perfect fit for your firm or organization — groups differ in their needs and cultures.  But these are the speakers who Law Firm Speakers and Retreats feels are among the best in their respective fields. We consider LFS to be a good starting resource. Please judge for yourself.

Great 1

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