AAM’s “60 Marketing Ideas in 60 Minutes” presentation

A few months ago, I had the honor and good fortune to present a fun, fast-paced “60 Marketing Ideas in 60 Minutes” program (entitled the “Supersonic Sixty”) to the Association for Accounting Marketing sharing the stage with Australia’s charming Sue-Ella Prodonovich, pictured.

AAM hosted its annual meeting alongside the American Institute of CPAs’ enormous “Engage” conference in Las Vegas. It was an especially well-run joint program.

We had a lot of fun with the 150 attentive AAM and AICPA marketers in attendance.

We just received the speaker evaluations and were delighted to see that the audience enjoyed the program, generously scoring us a 4.87 out of 5.0 for Knowledge of Subject Matter, and 4.81 for Presentation Skills. 

I hope we get invited back next year to present 60 more marketing ideas!

(Hint, hint, hint….)