My “Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist” book was translated into Mandarin by Economic Science Press (China Finance & Economy Media Group), a prominent Chinese government education-publishing house, and is now for sale in China! 

Fortunately, I had a terrific editor/lawyer/marketer, Cherry Zhang (as far I know, at least. I have no idea what any of this says).  She was great to work with.

Do you know any lawyers, law firms, or branch offices in China that would benefit from some marketing help?  The book would be a nice start.  The Chinese legal market prefers more understated book covers, apparently.

We should have the Chinese edition available for sale on Amazon soon!  Here’s the English version. 

Of Counsel magazine loved it. Here’s an excerpt of their review:

“Want a good present to give your associates?”

“I’ve got the ideal gift idea. Give them Ross Fishman’s ‘The Ultimate Law Firm Associate’s Marketing Checklist,’ a well-written, engaging and very practical guide—no, make that, bible—to show associates what they need to do to begin to build internal and external networks and eventually establish a book of business.”

Order English copies for yourself or your associates here!  Or contact Ross directly at for a discount on bulk orders of 10+ books.