It’s how people will remember you after an event. 

At an event, keep them handy, so you’re not fumbling around trying to pull a dog-eared leftover out of an obscure compartment in your wallet, or worse try to find that business-card holder at the bottom of a packed purse. Keep them in your suit coats, blazers, overcoats, jackets, trench coats, sports bags, gym bags, glove compartment. . . everywhere.
Use them as bookmarks in your vacation paperbacks by the pool.  Men, your suit coats typically have a secret business-card pocket inside your coat, near your left hip.  Women, your blazer “pockets” are usually just flaps, so plan your wardrobe to ensure you can effortlessly pull out a card.  Don’t leave home without them.
If you’re at a conference, they can often be inserted behind your name badge.  And if you’re wearing pants, put your cards in your left pocket, and the new ones you receive in your right pocket, to avoid accidentally handing a new contact the card of the previous contact you just met.Trust me, most of us have made this mistake once; it’s too embarrassing to make twice.


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