Clear Business Cards. A good idea…?

I was speaking in Austin at the Legus International annual conference today regarding how to market an international law firm network, including networking strategies to help develop more close personal relationships within the network.  Among other things, we discussed different approaches to handing out business cards at meetings and conferences.


I really like the folks at Legus; they’re a close-knit network of firms from all over the world.  I had collected cards from a diverse group of Legus lawyers across the US as well as China, Peru, Argentina. San Diego and Santa Domingo.  Dallas and Denmark. And the most unique business card of all was from an IP lawyer in Des Moines, IowaKirk Hartung from McKee Voorhees.

The card was clear plastic.

As you can see from the photos below, it’s a transparent card with his photo on it.

The unique design is extremely memorable, a real conversation starter. Everyone wants one, and it was obvious that the recipients intend to keep them. So for an international network, where you’re forming relationships from a great distance, only seeing many of the members once or twice a year when they fly in for the conferences, it’s important to create a real impact.

And as much as a business card with a smiling head shot feels a little bit like “real estate sales,” it’s still an interesting idea in this context.  At conferences, you may meet or speak with dozens of people in a very short amount of time.  Later, it can be challenging to remember who’s who.  Some people are good with names, others remember faces.  This works for both.


Sure, it’s slightly gimmicky, but it’s also effective.  

It won’t fit everyone’s style, but it’s a uniquely powerful approach for those who have the personality.  And Kirk has a big, bold, friendly personality.

It’s not right for most lawyers, but it works for a guy like Kirk!

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