Last week, I had the opportunity to present at NALP’s annual conference in Tampa alongside Thomson Reuter’s terrific Lee Ann Enquist on the subject of “Client Development Readiness: Aligning Professional Development with Associate Marketing in a Competitive Market.”

Among other things, we discussed how marketing relates to law school recruiting and lateral hiring, as well as how law firms’ in-house professional development team can help their lawyers focus to achieve better networking and client-development results.

We also touched on West LegalEd center’s innovative Beyond the Bar online-training program. 

Everyone had a great time, and the 1200-attendee program was effortlessly organized and run by the talented NALP staff.

While there, we took the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes and discuss the conference with the charming Mary Beal, the Director of Member Professional Development for NALP (the National Association of Law Placement).
Click HERE to see the first part of the interview.

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