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On the scale of things that can ruin your day, flight delays rank somewhere between “hometown pillaged by Vikings” and “Iceberg, right ahead!” Unfortunately, as travelers, we are all at the mercy of our winged overlords’ last minute schedule changes.With the help of FlightCaster you’ll be able to shake off the airlines’ influence and get an unbiased answer on whether or not your plane will be arriving on time.

The site uses a combination of 10 years of flight data and forecasting from the airline, the FAA and current local weather conditions to gauge the likelihood of your flight being delayed or canceled as far as six hours in advance.

It isn’t accurate 100% of the time, but it certainly does not disappoint with an average 95% accuracy rate. The advance warning is also available as a mobile app, allowing much needed spare time for backpack repacking or new flight scheduling.

Even if you do return home to find that a large, bearded, sword-wielding man named Sven has claimed your house, FlightCaster could quickly become your saving grace in a world of delayed flights.

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