If we’re really doing our jobs as presenters, we’re leaving the client, i.e. the law firm or organization, in a strategically better position than they were before the program.
Regular presenters are often are better able to see the big picture.  We are inside more firms.  We may follow certain aspects of the industry more closely or have a unique insight or vantage that internal professionals may not have. 
We may have to help them figure out what topic would be of the most value to them. 
I think it’s our job to push back where appropriate, to be advisors as well as speakers.  We can offer more value if we can help them help their firms instead of simply taking the order, giving a speech, and cashing the check. 
Sure, there’s value in entertaining the room for an hour, but the best speakers do more, they tangibly leave the organization in a stronger position as a result of the program.  There are many fewer presenters who can do that, but it’s worth looking harder to find them.

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