VIDEO: Top 10 Law Firm Website Cliches to Avoid at All Costs!

Here’s a popular 4-minute excerpt from an award-winning speech by Ross Fishman, discussing the bland, boring, and ineffectual cliches that infest the website home pages and infect their print ads.  It’s the marketing materials firm feature on the covers of their brochures — back when law firms printed costly, glossy, and powerfully unread brochures.

The language starts bland and generic, something like this:Ross Fishman Cliches speech

“Our firm is big and old. We offer the technical skills of a large law firm and the collegial culture of a small firm. We work as a team; we are efficient, service oriented, and partner with our clients.  Etc.”

This is easy language to slide through an inexperienced marketing committee.

It’s hard to argue against self-congratulatory “We’re awesome” language.  The flaw, of course, is that no client or prospect has ever volunteered to read such hollow blather. Telling people that you’re awesome isn’t persuasive — it’s distasteful bragging. But it’s omnipresent.

Then, to make it worse, firms illustrate these platitudes with obvious, literal “Law” icons like gavels, globes, columns, scales of justice, buildings, skylines, generic smiling lawyers, etc.

If you want your law firm’s marketing to work, you must stand out.

You must be different.

This entertaining little video presented at the terrific Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) annual conference, shows how to start.

Click here to watch the 4-minute video.

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