Lawyers dressed as The Village People?  Check out this law firm holiday card!

Delaware litigation boutique Proctor Heyman shows that you can be bet-the-company trial lawyers — and still dress up like The Beatles in Abbey Road or Sgt Pepper’s, or the band “Kiss”: Proctor Heyman KISS holiday card

Every year, Proctor Heyman’s holiday card is a creative standout.

They eschew subtlety in favor of oversized attitude. This year’s entry is a brief video consisting of animated photos of the lawyers as “The Village People” dancing to “YMCA.”

Proctor Heyman Village People holiday card TWO

What I particularly like about this is that it’s silly but doesn’t diminish their legal skills or professionalism. And for a tough bunch of trial lawyers, that’s important.  It shows that they have fun, but I still wouldn’t want to mess with them. A senior partner initially acts as the foil, until getting on board with the shtick:Proctor Heyman Village People holiday card WORK

A good holiday card says something about the firm in a way that supports the firm’s brand and recruiting. Proctor Heyman lawyers know who they are and are proud to proclaim it. If you’re looking for a big, serious law firm, that’s not Proctor Heyman.

But if you’re looking for a smart, creative, innovative, litigation boutique with enough confidence in their skills to have a little fun over the holidays, you might want to consider them. 

And the recruiting message is clear as well. Skilled litigators who are feeling stifled in their boring firms might want to send a resume their way. But if you’re a boring stiff, then you probably wouldn’t be a good fit with this firm’s unique style and culture.Proctor Heyman Village People holiday card pose

Law firms – if you are qualitatively different than other firms, spread that message, so that your target clients or laterals who are looking for that know that they can find it at your firm.

And that knowledge of their unique style is what makes it possible for Proctor Heyman to design consistently unique cards.

So what should next year’s card be?  I’m thinking “Baywatch.”

More screen shots are below.  You can see the last five years’ cards here.

Proctor Heyman Village People holiday card MProctor Heyman Village People holiday card YOUProctor Heyman Village People holiday card pose

All images (c) 2014 Proctor Heyman.

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