“If you don’t leave the client in a better position than the client was in before you got there, then there is no point in having you there at all.

“You must be able to clearly define and articulate how you will improve the client’s condition. This is never answered by the response, ‘I’ll make a speech’ or ‘I’ll conduct a training session.’ (‘Hey, let’s put on a show!’).”  Money Talks. How to Make a Million as a Speaker by Alan Weiss

Too many speakers consider “Give a Great Speech” to be the ultimate goal.  A speech is simply a TOOL.  It’s a way to convey information.  As speakers, we need to understand what the client’s REAL goal is. Why are they having this event?  Often, they’ve never thought about it in those terms themselves, and we can help them elevate their expectations.

What within the organization do they want changed or improved as a result of this presentation?   Once you know that, then you know how to structure the program.

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