For those interested in adding stories and humor to their presentations, there’s a decent book I read entitled, not surprisingly, “Using Stories and Humor: Grab Your Audience” by Joanna Slan.

Early in the book, it discusses the difference between two programs “at a recent conference.”  The first was a “cogent, well-thought-out presentation” by an internationally known presenter who “was not flashy…did not move around the stage [or] use her voice well.”

The second presenter “did not cite any statistics or refer to any studies, but she did tell side-splitting tales of the problems men and women have relating to each other.”  The expert speaker was evaluated as “boring,” and the funny presenter was called “wonderful.”  “‘That goes to show you,’ said the meeting planner, ‘delivery is everything.'” 

I think the best point, though, is “If all people wanted twas content, they could go buy a book. If they are bringing you in, they want a human touch.”

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