Ross Fishman New Speaker Video:

Keynotes, Firm Retreats, Marketing Training and CLE

At, we often get requests for law firms and organizations looking for a skilled speaker for a law firm keynote address, firm retreat, partner or associate retreat, or marketing-training presentations.

Many in-house marketers, administrators, professional-development experts, and other conference organizers have begun requesting actual video of our speakers in action before finalizing their hiring decisions.

That’s new. 

Simple word of mouth or a  good reputation as a presenter used to be enough. 

Today, it’s all about video Ross Fishman Speaker intro


So we hired a videographer to compile the videos we’d shot of Ross Fishman in action at a dozen different venues, and edited them together.

We’re pretty proud of the result.  Click here to see it. 


So, if your law firm or legal association or organization is looking for an entertaining keynote or marketing-training speaker for a law firm retreat, legal conference or seminar, partner or associate training, Ethics CLE, or other program, please contact Ross Fishman directly, any time, at +1.847.432.3546 or!

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