Speakers – Are you entertaining? Or effective?

We spend a lot of blog posts on the subject of providing more than simply good content.

At Law Firm Speakers and Retreats, we think it’s important for presenters to also be entertaining, to give the audience “a show.” 

After all, if you’re simply providing data, they could read an article much faster that it takes to sit through an hour-long speech.

But there’s more to a great speech than having attendees leave thinking:

QUOTE- That was fun. What a good speech

There’s taking your audience into consideration in terms of timing, pacing, movement, and visuals.

There’s understanding different communications styles so every member of the audience can understand the material, regardless of how they process information. Spending countless hours on the slides, and finding the perfect supporting visuals.

Speaking for an hour isn’t all that hard, if you’re sufficiently expert, if you know the material.

But making the audience remember you the next day?  That’s a bigger challenge.

Being good enough that they want to ask back next year?  That’s especially valuable.

Learning later that they changed their behavior or improved their condition as a result? 

That’s being truly effective.


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